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About Us

Mayee Water


The UAE’s 1st and only subscription-based atmospheric water provider! Eco-friendly technology that harvests water from the humidity in the air. Since plastic pollution, water depletion and quality is a growing concern, we wanted to play our part towards enabling a greener future! Our unique technology is environment and health focused, designed to benefit both people and the planet.


What Is Atmospheric Water?

Clean Water Created From The Air

Water gives us life and our technology gives us water! Clean, fresh drinking water using nothing but the air. And the best part, it's sustainable!

Unlimited Supply of Fresh Water

Our innovative technology taps into the unlimited natural source of moisture in the air, and therefore can be used ANYTIME, anywhere.

Completely Natural Source of Water

Clean, pure drinking water produced from nature. Completely untouched by chemicals, preservatives, microplastics or any other contaminants.

Companies Who Trust Us

These brands have joined The Mayee Movement towards a greener future and trust us to provide them with clean, fresh drinking water.
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