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We are the UAE’s 1st subscription-based atmospheric water supplier! We are making a difference by providing you with healthy and environmentally friendly drinking water! A small team with a shared passion for enabling a greener tomorrow & leaving the planet a better place. Our mission is to make it convenient for you to choose eco-friendly drinking water that is great for both people and the planet.

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Water is life, indispensable for human survival and plays a significant role in the body’s optimum functioning and health. Research suggests that drinking water is quite the vital source of minerals for the human body. That’s why our water is loaded with essential minerals, PH-balanced and free from chemicals, preservatives and microplastics! Just pure water harvested from nature!



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Decrease landfill pollution and protect our oceans by removing the need for plastic bottles. Plastics can decompose for up to 500 years, leaking pollutants into the soil, poisoning animals and destroying ecosystems. Whilst plastic in the oceans devastates hundreds of marine species through ingestion, suffocation and entanglement. You can also reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating the transportation of water. Air pollution is a major cause of global warming. The rapid rise is a problem, as it’s changing the climate conditions faster in which plants & animals can live.

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Choosing an atmospheric water generator will give you a constant fresh water supply! No more interruptions if you run out before your next delivery. No more inconvenience of storing water bottles or heavy lifting. No more exceeding budgets with varying consumption levels. And for extra convenience, we even include free delivery and maintenance.

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