What Is Your Water Quality

29 May 2022
Are you sure of the quality of the water you drink today? It could come from the tap or in a bottle of mineral water or one that has been filtered through water purifiers. Unfortunately, we aren’t conscious of the water quality we drink. If it’s sealed and bottled, the water must be safe. If it’s flowing through a water purifier that is installed in our homes, it has to be.
It’s a fact that drinking water is vital to all bodily functions and life itself. Since our bodies comprise about 60% liquid and our brains comprise 70% water recognizing the importance of having safe access to affordable, easy-to-find water is the first step in developing solutions to recycle water from the environment.
AWG (Atmospheric Water Generator) Technology is a revolutionary solution to ease water shortage and access.
The principle behind AWG devices is that they generate pure drinking water using the air around the earth. The AWG unit takes the air’s humidity and then converts it into pure, healthy drinking water.