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Our commitment to quality and health means that Mayee has been created to maintain & surpass the highest-quality drinking water standards.


Humidity is drawn in from the air, purifying and dehumidifying the air around you.

The air is then filtered through our patented aerospace filter, which removes dust and micro-particles.

The air is then passed through a clever chamber where it is condensed into water.

Water sterilisation begins using Ultraviolet. UV is the most effective method to disinfect.

Then, ozone is injected into water, and immediately starts oxidizing and eliminating any contaminants.

Activated carbon filters are then used to remove any unwanted tastes or odours.

For optimum health, we add essential minerals such as calcium for bone health.

The end result is delicious, chemical-free, mineralised drinking water. Great for health and the environment!

Not only are we environmentally focused, but also health driven! That's why our water is PH balanced & chemical-free. Designed to benefit both you and the environment.




It all begins as a cloud.

From sky to earth, Mayee acts as your own personal cloud system converting moisture in the air to pure, crisp and chemical free drinking water. Our water is then perfected by adding minerals for better taste and health. 

Facts About Environment, Health & Convenience.

Health Focused

Our pure mineral water is not only earth friendly but health friendly too! Free from preservatives, microplastic and chemicals. Our technology is certified to the highest international and local standards.

Goodbye Plastic

Every year more than 10 million tons of plastic end up polluting our oceans and killing marine life – that’s one truckload of plastic every minute of every day! Be part of the solution and say goodbye to plastic bottles.


Our technology harvests water from the air where it is abundant and will always be in supply. AWGs produce clean, pure, and affordable water in a way that is kind to the environment – making water where there is none.

Reduce carbon emissions

Masses of bottled water are transported everyday, emitting hundreds of thousands of tons of harmful CO2 emissions. Help by eliminating unnecessary transportation of water and reduce your carbon footprint.


No more arranging storage or disposal of plastic water bottles.​ ​No more interrupted water supplies if you run out before your next delivery. A constant supply of fresh mineral water – averaging 24 litres per day!

Fight Water Scarcity

Over 2 billion people worldwide cannot access safe, clean water. We play a vital role in the fight against global water scarcity, removing the strain on conventional water resources.