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Mayee Clud Water Machine Subscription

A Monthly Subscription For A
​Mayee Cloud Water Maker

Our atmospheric water maker technology is an appliance that we deliver to your home, and you rent on a monthly subscription.


Subscribe to a monthly plan so that the environment and your family benefit.


A Mayee cloud water maker is priced affordably at 195 AED per month.


Based upon a 30 day month, we bill monthly, automatically to your credit card.


After subscribing your delivery and installation will be scheduled within 24 hours.

A new way for water: ” Change the way you consume water forever. Healthy, environmentally friendly, convenient and economical.

A Mayee water subscription is the perfect way for you reduce your carbon footprint as well as getting clean, healthy water to drink on an almost unlimited basis. Our cloud water machines are a 4 in 1 filtration system that allows water to be drawn from the moisture in the air, filtered and mineralised to deliver clean, fresh and healthy water to drink, the way nature intended it.

Cloud Water Machines

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Ordering you Mayee machine couldn’t be easier. Our simple, secure checkout will take your order then bill you on a monthly basis, keeping all of your data, secure and encrypted.


Get Your Machine Delivered And Installed For Just 195AED Per Month

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Frequently Asked Questions

The PH level is between 7.4 -7.6. This is the ideal PH level of drinking water.

No, test results show Bromate levels are below the detection limits of the test laboratory and therefore were not detected.

Yes, Mayee cloud water makers have mineral filters installed which introduce minerals to the water. But almost all the minerals your body requires you get from your diet, water only contains a small amount of minerals. You would have to drink a few hundred liters of any mineral water per day to meet your daily mineral requirements without healthy mineral rich foods.

We have introduced minerals to raise the PH level to an optimum level for beautiful tasting water.

As our water is pure freshwater, it has a low TDS of 30 – 60ppm. Compared with bottled water which is typically 100ppm, and tap water 600ppm.

No, several studies have indicated that there are no health risks associated with the consumption of low TDS water. Most people have been misled to promote sales of mineral water or mineral filter systems.
Click on the link to view the WQA consumption of low TDS water report. Click here.

Yes, the Gulf Region has an annual average humidity of more than 50% RH. The machines can work all year.

Yes, the water is of the highest quality and free from chemicals and bacteria.

No, the machines are very energy efficient. Compared to bottled water the cost per litre is significantly less.

No, you simply place them in position plug in and switch on.

No, the machines are automated and dispensing water is a simple as a push of a button. Our new models are hands-free so you don’t even need to touch it anymore!

The machines automatically monitor the condition of the filters and will give a replacement warning when the filters need to be replaced. The cost of the filters are included in the subscription, and are replaced based upon usage. The size of your family represents the typical usage, of course, large families use more water, and hence they will require more filter changes.

Each subscription indicates the number of filter changes per year. Additional filter changes in excess to your plan may be chargeable depending on circumstances.

No, even with the entire world population of 6.7 billion consuming water from cloud water makers, it would only use 0.002% of the water vapor in the atmosphere.

No, water vapour diffuses along pressure gradients to areas of lower water vapour. Meaning water vapour would naturally flow back into the city.

Yes, will also prevent lime scale build up.

The water is chemical free and has no preservatives as with bottled or municipal water. You can safely keep the water in an airtight container for the day or refrigerated in an airtight container for 3 – 5 days. It is recommended to drink the water direct from the machine to ensure highest quality.

Yes, it makes great tasting ice.

Under average gulf conditions a Mayee cloud water maker will produce 27 liters per day. (one and a quarter 5 gallon bottles)

The Mayee cloud water maker holds 19 Liters (5 Gallons) of water. The machine automatically switches on/off to maintain the water tank.

Height = 92cm
Width = 40cm
Depth = 65cm

At this time only white as you see on our website.

Air-to-water technology is the process of converting water vapor in the air (humidity) to water. Mayee atmospheric water generators replicate this natural process of condensation, by simulating the dew point. This allows it to make water continuously, even in low humidity conditions.

There’s approximately 3100 cubic miles (mi3) or 12,900 cubic kilometers (km3) of water in the atmosphere. Water vapor is an unlimited resource constantly replenished by nature’s hydrologic cycle. Mayee atmospheric water generators can extract water from air indefinitely without impacting the planet.

A Mayee cloud water maker draws air through the vents and then passes it through the condenser. The condenser converts the vapor in the air from gas to a liquid (water) by continuously reaching the dew point.

The two key ingredients to make water are humidity and temperature. For the best results, it’s important that your machine be located in a well-ventilated area. Ideal operating conditions are a temperature between 21º C to 32º C and relative humidity between 40% to 100%.

When the humidity is low, all air to water machines are challenged. Mayee machines are not designed for dry or cold climates and are not marketed there. Generally there are some days with low humidity even in ideal regions of the world. A Mayee cloud water will not make water below 20% humidity. However it will still dispense water from its tank.

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Mayee Air-To-Water Machines Match All Guidelines And Certifications For Purity And Safety.

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