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Everyone wants their life to be easier. Mayee brings a whole new level of convenience.

Drink Differently

We are on a mission to save water, save the environment and save you money. It all starts by ending our use of bottled and home delivered water altogether, and turning to the latest technology that can turn the air around us into a sustainable, healthy and pure source of water.


Pure, Natural Water

A regional revolution

In a region where water is scarce and energy consumption is high, we all need to do our bit to save our environment. This is your chance to make a difference. Using the latest technology, Mayee water purification units act as your own personal cloud system, converting moisture in the air to pathogen, preservative and plastic free water...just as Mother Nature intended.

Regional water solutions
Fighting plastic pollution

Mayee water

in your home.


"I’ve been using Mayee for the past 3 months and I am very happy with it. The water is healthier and it’s much better on the environment. Highly recommend."

Dubai, UAE Joe Franklin

"Delivery was on time and excellent explanation of everything. Best part is no more water delivery. Recommended for anyone looking for a healthier choice of water with less hassle. It’s been 1 month and very happy."

Dubai, UAE William Devoto

"What a great product. The water tastes fresh and healthy and I haven’t bought a plastic bottle in 6 weeks. Thank you Mayee!"

Dubai, UAE Mark Boyes

"Great tasting and more importantly helping to protect the environment"

Dubai, UAE Edward Davies

A Mayee Water Maker In Your Home

Designed to benefit both you and the environment. You can now live sustainably without any inconvenience.

How can water from my Mayee cloud water maker be freshwater?







Bottled water is produced to be stored and transported while having an extended shelf life. This means that bottled water contains preservatives such as sodium and other elements that stop bacteria forming in the bottled water.  Water from a Mayee cloud water maker is made fresh in your home, so there is no need to add any preservatives.









How does a Mayee cloud water maker purify the air?







A Mayee cloud water maker incorporates a 3 stage air purification HEPA grade filter that cleans and purifies the air before generating water. This means that both air and water are pathogen, preservative and plastic free. So that the discharge air is healthier and dehumidified.










How can freshwater from my Mayee cloud water maker be healthier than bottled water?








When bottled water is stored and transported, exposure to heat can release chemicals from the plastic such as Bisphenol A (BPA) and Phthalates which have been linked to some negative health effects. Water from a Mayee water maker is made fresh in your home, so there is no need to bottle freshwater in plastic.








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Mayee Air-To-Water Machines Match All Guidelines And Certifications For Purity And Safety.

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